Friday, February 5, 2016

MERCS - Terrain Options

Over the years I have collected a few different options for MERCS tabletop terrain, and now that MERCS 2.0 is upon us, I thought I'd collect them all into one handy post.

Official MERCS 2D Vinyl Maps (now OOP)

Michigan MERCS 2D Maps - Crossfire (free for download here)
Printed on vinyl

Michigan MERCS 2D Maps - Downtown (free for download here)
Printed on vinyl

Toposolitario Papercraft Board

Infinity Mototronica Scenery Pack

Infinity Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack

Deadzone Terrain

MDF Table and Terrain MK1

MDF Table and Terrain MK2

For all my adventures in MERCS tabletop terrain and scenery, including close-ups on buildings and scatter terrain, check out the Terrain label on this blog!

Sync out.

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