Thursday, February 25, 2016

MERCS Recon: SecFor Assembled

I finished repainting my EU Inc Recon Squad last night (I'll snap some photos over the weekend) so I thought I would start work on my MERCS Recon SecFor models.

These models are fantastic - minimal cleaning/assembly required, and each of the four sculpts are very detailed.
I thought it would take much longer to get the 20 SecFor models from both Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol finished, but all up it only took an hour or so.

I'm very tempted to start painting these models, but it would take me 4 weeks to paint these 20 models and I'm not sure that I'm willing to make the commitment.
MERCS Recon Wave 2 should be arriving in early March (fingers crossed) and as soon as it does, I'll have ONE HUNDRED MERCS models added to my workbench - and that's not including all the extra SecFor/Zombie models I'll be receiving either!

My plan going forward is to prioritise MERCS 2.0 tabletop, so I'll be painting MERCS models and preparing more terrain... which means the SecFor models will be bare plastic for the foreseeable future!

Sync out.

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