Monday, February 15, 2016

[Keizai Waza] Recon Squad Painted!

Another week, and another MERCS Recon Squad painted - this time the Keizai Waza from the Assassination Protocol game.

I did make some colour changes since I first painted my original Keizai Waza, most noticeably switching to a 'less red' orange, which I think is a little closer to the original faction art. I also changed the yellow for green - because if The Simpsons taught me anything, it's that nuclear materials are green.

Compared to the EU Inc and KemVar models, the Keizai Waza models had a lot of cleaning up to do, with noticeably more flash and mould lines to be removed - some I did remove, some I didn't bother with.
Now these casting imperfections may concern hobbyists that are more detail oriented, but as my goal is just 'clean tabletop standard' I wasn't particularly fussed.

Stay tuned for the individual model photos this week!
Sync out.

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