Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CNC Miniatures Sci-Fi Walls

I had a pack of CNC Miniatures Scenery Sci-Fi Walls lying around, so I thought I would get them ready for the release of MERCS 2.0.

I've used this set before, making some 12" long walls for Infinity - and though a 12" long wall section is fine on a 4'x4' Infinity table, I find them too big to drop on a 2'x3' MERCS table.

With MERCS in mind, I configured the parts in my new set to make smaller wall sections.
I ended up with 5 single straight wall sections, and 2 double corner wall sections. The single wall sections measure about 6" across, which is a good size for MERCS.

Anyways, onto some photos, using my recently painted Keizai Waza Diamyo for scale. For more detailed photos of the CNC Miniatures Sci-Fi Walls set, check out my original review.

2 double wall corner sections
5 single wall straight sections

One side of a single wall straight section...
...and the other side of the single wall straight section

'Inside' of the double wall corner section

Sync out.

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