Tuesday, January 19, 2016


With my assembly of the MERCS in MERCS Recon complete, I was finally able to find redemption for some of my past hobby sins.

CCC Incinerator

Early in my hobby career (2011), I assembled the CCC Incinerator, and managed to break the fuel-line from the backpack to the flame-thrower.
Being a hobby newbie at the time, and with no experience with pinning or greenstuff, I wasn't able to fix the break and just decided to live with it.
Fast forward to 2016 and CCC Incinerator arrived in plastic! Assembling the fuel-line was a cakewalk, and I had no concerns of breaking the model at all.

KemVar Assassin

Next up was the KemVar Assassin, who managed to sustain a crippling injury at a demo I ran a while back.
I did put him back together, but he just hasn't been the same since.
Well, with the new plastic KemVar Assassin, the join is at the shoulder, not the elbow! With that design change, and the fact that the model is plastic, I don't think I need to worry this being a recurring injury.

Sync out.

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