Friday, January 22, 2016

MERCS 2.0 - KemVar

Lacking the personnel power of EIC, the money leverage of EU, Inc, or the production capacity of the CCC, KemVar began manipulating energy fields. The goal was to create an energy shield that would protect them...what they stumbled upon was the AC system. 

KemVar's active camouflage system makes them very difficult to hit on the battle field. Their fast strike teams can penetrate a facility, achieve the objective, and escape without even being discovered. More than a few MegaCon VPs have used KemVar as an excuse for an unhealthy lack of oversight. 

Two things are certain in this world, everyone uses KemVar energy and everyone fears KemVar MERCS.

Assassin / Spy / Sniper / Monkeywrench
Leader / Engineer / Heavy / Shock Trooper
Demo / Booster

Sync out.

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