Thursday, January 28, 2016

Movement Options

One of the biggest changes coming to MERCS 2.0 is the option to use a traditional tape measures for movement.
MERCS 2.0 now gives players three options for measuring their movement, which we'll look at below in a little more detail:
  1. using the half circles around the cards
  2. using the indicator marks on the sides of the cards
  3. using a standard tape measure

1 - Half Circle Card Movement

The unit begins their move in the larger half-circle located on the bottom of the card, then the model may move to any of the smaller half-circles at the top of the card.
This method of movement allows the model a movement distance of 95mm.

2 - Indicator Mark Movement

In this case the card functions like a normal measuring device.
Turn the card on its edge, and use the indicator at bottom of the card to mark the front of the models base. The model may then move the back of its base to the indicator mark at the top of the card.
This method of movement allows the model a movement distance of 90mm.

3 - Tape Measure

This is the industry standard for tabletop wargaming and in MERCS 2.0, a model can use 1 MP to move up to 4 inches (or 10cm).
This method of movement allows the model a movement distance of 100mm.

My thoughts

I think the addition of the tape measure option is great, as it makes the system even more accessible and allows players to play MERCS their way.
Using the indicator marks (option 2 above) makes movement in tight 3D terrain easier - however, there are still some situations where it's still a little tricky to manage, and lining up the indicator marks with the front and back of a models base isn't always the most accurate technique. 
I've listed the difference in movement distances above just for sake of comparison, as I thought it might be of interest to some players. To me, the 5mm-10mm discrepancy between movement distances isn't anything to write home about, but that's just my opinion - though generally I'm a pretty easy going player.
With a few options for movement, I think it'll be up to the players to agree on what they'll use for their games. If standardisation is really an issue, there is nothing stopping tournaments or gaming groups from restricting the movement options, saying "movement cards only", or "tape measures only" - and at least now the option is there.

Sync out.


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for in regards to my movement concerns.

    I play a lot of other games and my main issue with MERCS in the past was standardization, some rules tended to be a bit blurry. I looked past it since this game is a lot more fluid, where mechanics like S2C and no measured range bands make losing or gaining mm of movement inconsequential.

    I know that these tiny movements really don't mean much in this game as it does in many others, especially when close combat is involved. This is definitely not a game breaker for me, as sound strategy outperforms any shrewd exploitation in this case. Just the fact that 0.4 inch difference between using the indicator over traditional tape sends a red flag to my brain! In theory an MP3 model bounding goes over 1.5 inches less than tape.

    But again, this is just nitpicking, as it only offers flexibility in how you play as you state. I simply plan on using the card only, and if you use the notches then the difference is even more negligible.

    Thanks for your updates and responses!

    1. No worries Ryan! Glad I could help :)