Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MERCS Recon - Undercoated

I managed to get the MERCS in my MERCS Recon Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol undercoated over the weekend, so I thought I'd share some WIP shots I took yesterday.

Last night I actually started painting the models, so expect some pictures soon!
Sync out.


  1. Hi! I love your blog and your paint work is great. Did you assemble the miniatures before you put the undercoat on them or after? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Erin!

      I assembled the miniatures before undercoating them - but I didn't glue them to their bases before spraying them with the white primer.

    2. Thanks Sync! I appreciate your taking the time to let me know. Have you thought about doing some tutorials? That would be cool.

      I'm curious why you didn't glue them to their bases before spraying them with primer. Is that your standard practice?

    3. No worries Erin, thanks for asking!

      In regards to tutorials, I don't use any special techniques, other than basic miniature assembly and painting techniques that are all over youtube.
      Is there anything specific you'd like to know about?

      I didn't glue the models to their bases before undercoating because the bases would have been primed white - and I wanted my bases to stay black :) That's standard practice for me!