Monday, January 25, 2016

MERCS 2.0 - Rulebook


  • Limited edition hard-cover book - when they are gone, or slightly before that, production will move to a more mass market softcover with the rules and MegaCons (but no fluff or campaign)
  • 384 pages, with 128 gsm gold east matte paper
  • The spine width of the book is 30 mm (1.25 inches)
  • It has a soft-touch surface with a premium gold foil treatment

Punchboard Tokens

  • Each hard-cover rulebook comes with a full compliment of MERCS tabletop tokens
  • Every token needed to play
  • Included is a high-quality hard board version of the MERCS movement card
    • Note that each MegaCon deck also includes a faction specific movement card
    • In MERCS 2.0, players can use tape measures

Game Modes

  • Conflict: the standard 5 MERC team-kill-team game 
  • Capture: this mode revolves around an asset that must be captured and escorted to the extraction zone
  • Control: this game has three areas of control, where controlling zones earns victory points, and controlling more zones earns lots of victory points
  • Deathmatch: every player controls a MERC, and the first MERC to 3 kills wins. Random respawn locations make this fun for the whole family
  • Defend: one person is tasked with protecting a zone and each round the zone is protected earns the defender VP. Attackers gain VP for getting MERCS inside the zone.
  • Economic: this is a combination interaction and kill game mode. There are three locations that must be interacted with at certain times
  • Espionage: this is a combination of control zones and interact locations
  • Political: this is a combination of capture and interact locations
  • Platoon: this game mode uses all 10 MERCS from a faction's roster. Players act as commander and select 6 MERCS out of the 10 to activate each round. Those that activate receive initiative, those that are not are inactive. Inactive MERCS do no carry bonuses over from round to round nor perform round to round actions. 

Scenario Story

  • The book also comes with an 11 chapter scenario story, which tie MERCS lore into game play 
  • Each scenario has special rules and a detailed map layout
  • The Sabre and the Snowman scenario story follows the birth, capture, escape, and possible death of the world's first AI. It introduces a couple new characters, and adds background to ones that have been mentioned before in MERCS lore


  • 40 pages of lore
  • Updated timeline
  • Expanded history
  • Short story by J.L Allan, that ties into the background of The Worker's Heart

MERCS Campaign

  • Designed to give the community the tools they need to establish a MERCS league with their friends/FLGS
  • Campaign rules for MERCS, that use the MERCS: Conflict dice
  • Players select whatever MegaCon they wish and try to wrest control of old Hong Kong in the Lost Margin from the other players
  • MegaCons build their economy, exploit resources, upgrade MERCS, and expand their MERCS team
  • Maps are included for 2 to 8 players

Sync out.


  1. So it looks like I'm going to buy MERCS: Conflict now!
    Have you got the game? What's it like?

    1. I do have a copy of Conflict, so I have all the dice that came along with the game - but I haven’t played it yet!
      My true love is MERCS tabletop, and with Conflict being a dice game, it hasn’t really appealed to me.
      I’m glad I’ll at least be able to use the dice for the campaign system though :)

  2. This is shaping up to be awesome! I really do hope that the tokens will be available in retail, I've had to use tokens from Deadzone to suffice. I will have to say that I'm a bit saddened that you can use tape measures now, as the card was one of my favorite elements of this game. I know you can still use it, it just waters it down for me. And can one player use the card while the other uses tape?

    1. I agree, and I'm very keen for MERCS 2.0!
      I'm actually finishing off a new post, specifically about movement in MERCS 2.0 - stay tuned :)

  3. Megcon needs to do something to build it's player base, quick.

  4. Do you have any 2.0 battle reports or know where I can find some good ones? I just took the plunge and purchased a pair of factions and the rule book. I got Texico and Sedafu.

    1. Hi Marc!
      Unfortunately there aren't many good battle reports around at the moment.
      I would recommend joining the 'Megacon MERCS Community' group on facebook for the latest from the growing MERCS community.