Friday, January 22, 2016

MERCS 2.0 - EU Inc

EU is a very secure MegaCon. They are not the biggest, nor care to be. They will be playing this game long after the CCC's and the Waza's fade. They are only interested in the long game. They know being on top means you have a target on your back. They know when to apply pressure, threaten violence, acquiesce to demands, and simply pay the problem away. They have been at this a long time. They are also beyond belief wealthy. They have more liquid assets than the top two MegaCons combined. 

They succeed because they remain a "they". Through all the difficulties and differences, they will make it.

Leader / Sergeant / Medic / Shock Trooper
Monkeywrench / Sniper / Spotter / Heavy
Analyst / Demo
Sync out.

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