Friday, May 13, 2016

GCC - Assembled

And finally, the GCC! This is probably the faction I was looking forward to putting together the most, so I saved them for last - I love the aesthetic, and after putting them together they're at the top of the list to become my 'main' faction.

Here are the GCC models from the Unilateral Mandate MERCS Recon expansion, plus the Sniper, Judge and Spy (which were all Stretch Goal bonuses from the Kickstarter).

Judge, Breacher, Tribunal

Chief, Sniper, Demo



Sync out.


  1. I love how the Judge's arm is a giant sword, that's just oozing character.

    1. It's pretty badass! This is the alternate sculpt that came as part of the Kickstarter.
      The original sculpt is, in my opinion, just as cool!

    2. Man, I didn't even realize that was an alt sculpt! The original is waaaay better, but this one's cool too. I love the art they had with the Judge on the roof