Monday, May 9, 2016

sefadu - Assembled

The MERCS 2.0 construction continues with the sefadu! I've been a fan of the sefadu aesthetic since they were announced way-back-when, and assembling them in plastic was a real treat.

I'm really happy to have the sefadu Leader in plastic now! My old metal sefadu Leader model has had his spear snap off twice - though I admit I only used greenstuff and superglue, when I should have pinned the join as well.

Unfortunately, my sefadu Gunner did not come with a left arm, so this faction will be at the end of my painting queue until I can get an arm sent over.
While missing pieces are a bother, they're not completely unexpected - hopefully no other pieces are missing as part of my Wave 2 Kickstarter delivery!

Here are the sefadu from the Terminus Maneuver expansion, plus the Sniper, minus the Gunner's left arm.

Leader, Engineer, Berserker

Pathfinder, Gunner, Sniper

sefadu Gunner missing left arm!

Sync out.


  1. I love the Sefadu models, especially the ones that look like they're speeding along. The Gunner is my particular favorite, though. I wish they had a resculpt of the sniper though, it's one of my least favorite poses in the game.

    1. That's what I love about the sefadu too - a lot of aggressive and dynamic poses :)
      Too bad my Gunner was missing his arm though!

    2. One thing I noticed, do they not have the Assault anymore? That model looks like he's walking on hot coals or something. I'm wondering if it "became" the Engineer or something, which is a much much cooler pose.

      Has there been any news as to when these guys will be available through retail? I held off on getting them in metal since I love plastic way more and your reviews convinced me that the plastics have pretty good detail.

    3. Do you mean the Medic?

      I don't have any news on retail for MERCS 2.0 yet, but I think the plastics are great, and would recommend waiting for them.
      There are a few reports of bad casts and such, but my experience with the plastics has been fine.

  2. Yes, I only saw it listed as an Assault on Amazon, which now that I think of it doesn't make sense :)

    You're selling me on the plastics, especially for the new poses like the Shock Trooper... you don't happen to have that one too, huh?

    1. I have an openly heavy preference towards plastic models over metals - that's just my opinion though!

      The Shock Trooper isn't available yet - it will be shipped to MERCS Recon Kickstarter backers that pledged for the All Your MERCS Are Belong to Us add-on.
      No shipping date on that add-on yet though.