Sunday, May 8, 2016

Texico - Assembled

As part of the MERCS Recon Kickstarter I received an alternate sculpt of the Marshal model - and while I do have a healthy fear of Chuck Norris (based on internet memes) I made a conscious decision to stick with the original, classic, Marshal model... for now.

I love the new Texico models that have been added as part of MERCS 2.0 - I particularly like the Ranger model, and he's probably the Texico model I'm most looking forward to painting.

Here are the Texico models from the Omega Precedent MERCS Recon expansion, plus the Sniper.

Jaguar, Ranger, Sniper

Engineer, Marshal, Leader

Sync out.


  1. But why didn't you quickly build Walker Texico Marshal as well? He's one piece :P
    Actually going to use Walker Texico Marshal as the secfor leader; he's menacing enough fro the job :P

    1. Well, when you have 100+ models on your workbench, it becomes an issue of prioritisation!