Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FCC House 9 - Assembled

The FCC House 9 were one of the original four MERCS factions, and I absolutely love the new additions here - the Sniper looks very cool, and the Spy's wicked blade looks like it could do some serious damage.
It would have been nice if the Engineer and/or Juicer models were resculpted to give them different poses though.

The Housemaster's arm/weapon piece I received was also terribly miscast - the ammo feed is bent terribly out of shape, the barrel of the weapon is also bent and the shoulder joins don't meet flush with torso.
So the FCC House 9 will join the sefadu at the back of my painting queue!

Here are the FCC House 9 models from the Silent Operative expansion pack, plus the sniper.

Engineer, Spy, Boomer

Juicer, Sniper, Housemaster


Housemaster - miscast arms/weapon

Housemaster - miscast arms/weapon

Sync out.


  1. YESSS my favorite faction, both in fluff and game. The sniper is one hell of an addition, and even though I don't particularly like snipers (in MK 1) I'd gladly paint him. It was always odd how they didn't have one, but I guess the Housemaster and Chem Engineer were awesome enough. I will surely miss irradiated ammo and that cheese(y)saw sweep.

    1. Awesome, looking forward to seeing your work on these guys!