Saturday, May 7, 2016

FCC House 4 - Assembled

The FCC House 4 faction was released during MERCS 1.0, but I never managed to pick up the set!
I had already backed the MERCS Recon Kickstarter before the models were stocked in Australia - so after a long wait I was really excited to finally receive the models and put them together.

I really like the Engineer and Priest, but the Demo model looks very awkward to me - I'll see how he looks after some paint.
Here are the FCC House 4 models from the Shadow Edict MERCS Recon expansion, plus the Sniper.

Priest, Survivalist, Steward

Engineer, Demo, Sniper

Sync out.


  1. I bought this metal box set ONLY for that Priest model, he is just amazing. But his Demo friend needs to go home, he's just drunk.