Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Faction and Completed FCC Minis!

Trolling the MERCS facebook page I came across the following teaser pics for the Kezai Waza - the South-East Asian / Australian faction:

I kinda assumed they would go with the Samurai/Ninja angle on the Kezai Waza. The name, to me, sounded Japanese so I thought that was the direction they were taking this faction. Who knows, they might be going that way with the way the faction plays, but the screenshot - while looking awesome - doesn't strike me with that Japanese feel. Looking great though, and I'm not at all disappointed.

Also, the mini's artist for MERCS, Angel Giraldez, has finished his stunning work on the FCC faction for the MERCS team:

Outstanding paint job, they look awesome! You can see better pics of this faction (as well as the work Angel has done on the CCC and KemVar) at Angel's MERCS Miniatures website.

Sync out.

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