Monday, April 11, 2011

MERCS: Forums, Demo, Merchandise and Rules

So, just a few things I'd like to share on my MERCS experience so far:

I messed up my CCC Incinerator! 
I finished painting the Incinerator, but when attaching the backpack there is some basic modelling required which I managed to mess up.
There's a cable that runs from the backpack to the gun, a fuel-line which supplies the weapon with ammunition. As I was bending that cable around the mini, it snapped off - it was a cold morning and I wasn't careful enough. Well, it's not too noticeable - I think you'd only miss it if you knew it was supposed to be there. The mini still looks great though, and I'm still happy with it... I just hope that imperfect feeling doesn't nag at me too much. I'll get some pics up later on.

This is the cable that I managed to snap off!

MERCS Online Forums
The online forums are great - it seems like the community at this point is relatively small and still growing, but so far it has all been really positive. There are some people that are really active on the forums, and they seem like nice guys with a LOT of encouragement and willingness to help and answer questions. The MERCS creators are also active on the forums.

Demo Gameplay Videos
So one of the above mentioned active members has posted some Demo Gameplay Videos on Youtube. They're a good briefing on some of the key elements of the game - thanks SoulReclaimer!

MERCS Gaming Merchandise
I was shopping around for gaming tools, both online and at local hobby stores, but it seems like MERCS will be releasing their own line of merchandise: counters, dice, maps and carry cases. Being a sucker for the official gear I'll have to wait and grab these, assuming they are fairly priced (which is a fair assumption as the creators of MERCS aren't money grubbing like other *cough* GW *cough* miniatures wargaming companies). I hope I don't have to wait too long though, and that the local distributor is going to stock and sell them.

MERCS Rulebook
I've read through the rulebook a couple of times - it's a great write-up with lots of fluff, color pictures and in-play examples to help explain some of the concepts. I took my own notes on the rules, then rewrote them for myself in a format I was more comfortable with (a more step-by-step format, using terms that I was more familiar with for each process). I'm looking forward to running through a practice game against myself at some point.
In comparing the rules to 40k (which is my only other experience with wargaming), the rules are MUCH easier to understand and apply. When playing 40k, I found there were just too many rules to have a smooth flowing game, and I think that MERCS has the right amount of rules for me.
I was able to summarise the actual rules of MERCS into 3-4 typed pages, so no more flicking through a 90+ page rulebook as well as a 50+ page codex during games. The card system the game has is great too, as the cards act as little cheat sheets for quick reference during play.

The more I learn about MERCS, the more I love it!

Sync out.

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