Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting into MERCS

Artwork from the MERCS website

I have joined the cause! I've made the decision to commit to MERCS. At this point, I know very little about the mechanics of the game, but I do know:
  • There is a maximum of 5 models from each player on the board at once.
  • Games are played on boards of 2'x3', or 3'x3'
So with what little information I had, and my self-induced excitement driving me, I set off to prepare for MERCS!


After joining the MERCS forums, asking a few questions and reading some battle reports, I decided I would start with the CCC Yellowjackets. They struck me as the Space Marines of MERCS - good all-rounders, which would be forgiving for beginners. After ordering a squad of them (and their cards), I was happy to find that postage from a local distributor was much faster than I was used to! After only 3 days of waiting, I had received my squad! After priming them, I'd been left with the decision as to how to paint them. I prefer to totally customise my own paint schemes, but decided to go with the standard CCC Yellow Jackets color scheme:

More awesome artwork from the MERCS website

Although I'll probably add some changes to personalise them a little bit. Here's an unboxing on youtube - my unboxing experience was somewhat similar, except it involved me bouncing around the house causing general annoyance to my wife.

Both the models and the ordering/shipping process were above my expectations - I ordered from Defiant Gaming in case any Aussies were interested, so I'll be placing all future orders from them and would definitely recommend them. The following day I decided I would grab the rulebook and another squad, but how lady luck did favor me that morn! On my daily troll of the local wargaming forum I came across someone looking to sell a squad+cards and rulebook (NIB) for a very fair price! I jumped on his offer and now I'm eagerly awaiting the USCR squad and rulebook in the mail (for anyone interested, here is a video on the contents of the rulebook).

Artwork for the USCR squad

So, that's the models and rulebooks sorted. I have enough models to get a game going without having to proxy any of my old 40K minis :) I'll be posting pics as the models are finished, though it'll probably take me a week or two to paint them all.

Gameboard and Terrain

I had always wanted to have my own gaming table at home, but because 40K uses 6'x4' game boards, this was not an option. MERCS, being played on 2'x3' gameboards, is entirely feasible! I don't really have much experience making terrain, so I asked questions on the MERCS forums (everyone on there is REAL helpful and friendly btw) and was lead to Toposolitario.

A battleground from Toposolitario

This guy is fantastic! From his papercrafting site, I downloaded and printed out his gameboard and then the IKUBE cargo containers to go with it. The IKUBE cargo containers when just folded from paper are not strong enough to hold a metal mini on top of them, so I'll be lining the interior with some cardboard.

So my gameboard and cargo container construction has begun, and I'll be posting the completed results when I'm done. I suspect that I'll need to make some low-walls too, but I'll read through some scenarios in the rulebook before worrying about making some.

So, I've got plently of things to do:
  1. Read up on the rulebook when it arrives
  2. Paint my minis! They look fan-freaking-tastic, I'm almost scared to paint them cause I might ruin them!
  3. Get to constructing my gameboard and terrain! Although Toposolitario has made this extremely cheap, quick and easy!
 Sync out.

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