Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MERCS Movement Question

So I'm still getting a handle on the rules, and I have a question regarding the card based movement. I've done a quick diagram below, as close to scale as I thought possible:

So, the brown thing on the top is a brick wall.
The grey circle is where I want my MERCS to be.
The black circle is where he currently is.
The funny shape on the right is the scale representation of the movement card.

The question is, can my MERCS move from the black circle to the grey circle?
The rulebook says you HAVE to move from the starting circle to one of the destination circles on the movement card, and you can NOT move anywhere else within the card.
Snap to Cover is not an option, as the grey circle is NOT within the base length range of the MERCS starting position.

Here is what the scene would look like layed over the movement card.

It's entirely possible I've completely missed something in the rulebook, but if someone could put me out of my nooby misery, I'd really appreciate it!


This question was posed on the MERCS forums, and within an hour my question had been answered by active members, and confirmed by one of the MERCS creators and author of the rulebook! (gush)

Thanks to everyone for their answers!

Shadow4ce pointed out that:
The miniature does not have to move a full card length when moving flush to an elevation change.
Quote from: MERCS Rulebook, page 54, Elevation Section, second paragraph

Which was then confirmed by Brian.

I knew I missed something - thanks guys! A testament to both the positive MERCS forum community, and the customer support from the MERCS team.

Sync out.

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