Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sync's MERCS Madness Month!


Over the past few days I've found all my MERCS gear - models, faction cards, rulebook, d10s, as well as downloading all the new PDFs available - quick-start rules, rules summaries and FAQs, to help get me back up to speed on MERCS.
I've also made sure to download all the awesome wallpapers available, to help immerse myself in the MERCS world!

Over the past year I've been busy with other miniature wargames - mostly Warmachine and Hordes. I've completed the following projects, which have all helped improve on my modelling and painting ability since I last painted my MERCS:
Anyways, looking over my MERCS models, I decided that I would give them all a bit of a make-over - to ensure that I paint them to the best of my ability, and try my best to do the fantastic models justice.

Madness? THIS - IS - MERCS!

So here's my ambitious plan: complete one of my MERCS models everyday, of my four currently painted factions, until they are all re-done to my personal best. I'll be posting my progress everyday, so make sure to check back regularly :) Looking over my MERCS now, here are some things that I plan on fixing up for each faction:
  • CCC - Yellow Armour, Metallics, Leathers, Black Fatigues, Basing
  • KemVar - Weapon Metallics, Leathers, Basing
  • USCR - Metallics, Green Fatigues
  • sefadu - Grey Fatigues, Leathers

With 6 MERCS models in each faction, and with 7 days in a week, I'll be posting a completed model everyday, and then posting a completed squad shot on Sunday. With my four factions, this should take me about a month - after which I'll tackle the FCC and Keizai Waza!

Sync out.

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