Monday, July 30, 2012

Keizai Waza - Arrived!

Defiant Gaming continues to impress me with the fantastic delivery and customer service - I placed the below order on Friday morning, and the order arrived today just after lunch!

Keizai Waza Starter Box, CCC Demo, KemVar Demo, USCR Medic, sefadu Assault.
Oh, and some paints!

So I'll be using the individual models above to round off my existing MERCS factions, and I'll tackle the Keizai Waza when I've finished my MERCS madness month.

Well... I at LEAST had to open the Keizai Waza Starter Box... you know - just to make sure it's all there. I'm really impressed at everything you get in the box - 6 metal models, faction cards, 6 faction dice and some quick-start rules... couldn't ask for more!

Sync out.

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