Saturday, July 28, 2012

Since I've been gone...

I didn't realise so much could change in a year! The Keizai Waza has been released, and Texico and ISS are on the horizon! I thought I'd do a quick recap of the major changes since I stepped out of the world of MERCS.

Faction Boxes
Everything you need for a MERCS faction in a box - models, cards, dice and some Quick-Start Rules.

Official MERCS Merchandise
Battlefoam Bag, Game Mats, Tokens, Faction Dice and Movement Cards - all really cool gear for MERCS players.

PDF and Video Support
Lots of official documentation from the MERCS team, including Quick-Start Rules, FAQs and even How To Play PDFs and videos. Check out the MERCS Download page and Play MERCS page for more!
A great fan support site for the MERCS community has sprung up in - I have yet to explore and fully appreciate this site, but from what I've browsed so far it looks fantastic!

Awesome Wallpaper
Check out the MERCS Download page for these sweet wallpapers:

Lots of development in the world of MERCS over the last year - lots of catching up to do!

Sync out.

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