Friday, September 30, 2016

Terrain Playmats and Card Terrain

Checking the Megacon Games Download page, I found a new Terrain Playmat and Card Terrain PDF available for free download.

The Card Terrain was given in the factions decks for MERCS 1.0, and allowed you to quickly throw down some nice looking 2D terrain.
The PDF contains 15 pieces of card terrain, which represent various elements of scatter terrain you would find on the tabletop.

The Terrain Playmats look fantastic, and are designed to be printed out and used as a base for creating your MERCS game tables - and whether you use 2D or 3D terrain, they look fantastic.

Middle East Terrain

Snow Terrain

Rural Terrain

You can grab all of these PDF files on the Megacon Games Download page!
Sync out.


  1. I've always liked the way their mats looked. A buddy of mine printed them on vinyl for pretty cheap, and there are sites out there that can print them on mousepad mats for about the same amount you'd spend on mats that are already out there too. So far my favorite option for a mat has been the Terminator Genysis miniatures game mat, which is very close to 3x2 and is really cheap. I also got some HeroClix mats that work very well for MERCS, they already have zones marked out and color coded for terrain features and are 3x2 as well! I highly recommend the HeroClix mats if you plan on only utilizing 2D terrain, they're not expensive and are great for quick set ups. Plus if you're ever feeling up to it you can dress them up with 3D terrain, especially if you have any card terrain.

    1. I hadn't seen Heroclix mats before, but I just checked them out and they look like a great option as well.
      Have you got photos of any on your blog?

    2. Unfortunately not at the moment, although you gave me a great idea for a post! I'll let you know when I have it done!