Sunday, September 18, 2016

GCC - Assembled Part 2

Another hobby blackout due to some ongoing family health issues - but here are the last miniatures that arrived as part of my All Your MERCS Are Belong To Us addon!

I think I actually prefer this Judge model over the variant Judge model,which was an exclusive MERCS Recon Kickstarter bonus, so it'll be hard for me to decide which one to paint.

The Heavy is pretty cool as well, with his Blitzkrieg Twin Assault System not being the standard 'heavy' weapons seen across the other factions.

Booster / Heavy / Spy / Judge

So I now have every MERCS model for every MERCS faction assembled, and ready for paint!
I plan on finishing the factions I received in MERCS Recon first (CCC, EU Inc, KemVar and Keizai Waza) before moving onto another new faction.

Sync out.


  1. I like this Judge sculpt too, especially since it's based off one of the coolest art pieces they have in MERCS!

    1. I didn't realise it was based on the artwork, but you're right!
      I think I'll have to use this original sculpt :)

      Here's the awesome artwork for anyone reading along: