Saturday, September 3, 2016

EIC - Assembled Part 2

I missed my hobby time over the past few nights busy with other things, but I was finally able to finish off my EIC last night!

It was great to receive the Assimilator, the cornerstone of the EIC faction. His abilites allow him to assimilate technology from killed members of the opposing faction, which is an ability I'll need to look into in much further detail.

The Heavy's Andhi Assault Cannon is another contender for the Most Bad Ass Heavy Weapon too...

Booster / Heavy / Assimilator / Pathfinder

Sync out.


  1. Of all the plastic sculpts this faction impressed me the most, I love the shape of their guns. It's also one of the few times you get to play as Indians!

    1. Missed this comment when you posted it - sorry Ryan!

      Yeah, these sculpts are fantastic, and the faction itself is a VERY under-represented demographic of the global population!

  2. Question. Why are there only 4 minis in all of your pics?

    Doesnt the 2.0 factions come with 10?
    And the Mercs Recon faction come with 5?
    And which one are these from? Because i heard that the 2.0 molds are way better than the Recon ones. But these look fantastic to me.

    Im confused. Thanks

    1. I'll try and answer your questions as best I can:

      1) There are only 4 minis in my photos because this is how they were shipped through the Kickstarter for MERCS Recon.
      2) Yes, there are 10 units in each faction for MERCS 2.0.
      3) These are from the EIC faction, and are models outside of the MERCS Recon games.
      I believe that all MERCS models distributed at retail are going to be this superior quality going forward.

      Hope this helps!