Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sync's MERCS Table

After spending the last few days planning, building and painting, I've completed my MERCS Table! There are a few unique features I've added to the board, and I'll go into detail after these photos!

Whole board shot - click to enlarge

Players Area
As MERCS uses cards (instead of having to refer to pesky codices!) I wanted to make a specific area on the table where the cards could be managed.
So, as the game area is 3' long, I simply built my gameboard on a 4' long base and used the left over space as a dedicated players area - complete with felt to prevent wear and tear on the MERCS cards.

District 5 Apartment Dice Platform
So this is how I decided to solve my elevation + cover issue for beginners demos. It would be a shame to have a battlefield void of buildings/structures, so I was able to make these two buildings from my mispacked District 5 Apartment set.
I've made the roof section of the building reversible. The roof surface has painted normally and can be used as intended - models can be placed on it to benefit from elevation and cover. Now, on the blank side I've simply attached some felt, and when the roof of the building is not being used in play (for beginner demo games) this felt side can be turned facing up and the building can be used as an attractive dice platform.
Oh, I've also added Defiant Gaming's cool looking logo to the buildings - good customer service is hard to find, and I want people to know where they can go to find some!

Deployment Zone
Taking inspiration from the fantastic 2D MERCS Game Mats, I marked the deployment zones on either side of the board.

Scatter Terrain
So the District 5 Apartment Walls are able to provide full-cover, and I've added some Propaganda Poster print-outs from the MERCS Fan Kit to add a bit more colour to them.
The rest of the terrain pieces I made out of my Hirst Arts Molded bits, and provide half-cover. I also made some pieces that are able to provide ER1 elevation, without providing cover.

I did take WIP photos while making my MERCS Table, and I'll be posting DIY/How-To's soon!

Sync out.

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