Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sync's MERCS MAYHEM Month!

Last month, I completed my MERCS Madness Month - I repainted my four existing MERCS factions, in preparation to run demos and promote MERCS under the MERCS Black Ops program.

With my MERCS Table Project completed too, and exactly four weeks to go until my MERCS demoing d├ębut at Sydney's largest miniwargaming convention, MOAB (Mother Of All Battles), I needed another project.

Well, I have two unpainted MERCS factions at home - the FCC and Keizai Waza. There are two new factions en route to Sydney, to be distributed by Defiant Gaming, as I'm typing - the ISS and Texico.
Well, nothing to it but to spend the next month painting ANOTHER FOUR MERCS FACTIONS!

This project will be significantly more time consuming than my MERCS Madness Month, so I have stepped it up and called it my MERCS MAYHEM Month!
Repainting models is one thing - I've painted them once before, so I was familiar with the models, and in some cases only had touch-ups or basing to redo. Getting four new factions ready, out of the box and to the table-top is definitely a much more ambitious challenge!

I'll do my best to stay on track with my goals, so stay tuned for a lot more MERCS to come!
Sync out.

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