Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minor Sprain, Major Devastation

One of the reasons I don't paint on Sunday is because of Sunday Hoops! Even a MERCS enthusiast like me needs some sun and exercise :) I go the local centre and play a few games of pick-up with other regulars. Today was not unlike any other day, except after a few baskets I managed to jar my right-hand pointer-finger. This wasn't too bad at first - I played on for about half an hour (admittedly missing some easy baskets) before succumbing to pain and heading home.

So I guess I'll have to put my MERCS Mayhem Month on hold while I heal up. I think I can possibly do some assembly, but the delicate coordination required for painting miniatures will have to wait. With two fingers splinted together, typing this post is taking MUCH longer too...
The doctor said it was a sprain (can you even sprain a finger?) and it should be right in two short weeks. Short weeks?! It's MOAB in two weeks! I was on track to have ALL my MERCS factions finished and ready for Sydney's biggest wargaming convention, but now completing my ISS and Texico is not possible.

Well, I picked up Guild Wars 2 the other day - which I'm enjoying, but using the mouse feels really unnatural with this splint...
Sync out.

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  1. Hey mate, just stumbled across your blog post - love your stuff. If you've got time for a conversation at some point, add me on facebook (Mark Ankucic).