Tuesday, October 11, 2016

[Keizai Waza] Forward Observer

I am really falling behind on my blogging! I’ve been using all my spare time to paint models, and haven't been able to get around to taking photos or blogging.
I actually finished off my EU Inc last week, but haven’t been able to take photos yet – hopefully I’ll have something up next week!

Anyways, here is the Keizai Waza Forward Observer, another great model to make it from MERCS 1.0 to 2.0.
I’ll have the whole faction photo up later this week – stay tuned!

Sync out.


  1. This is my favorite sculpt for the Waza!

    1. Yeah, I'm glad this sculpt made it to MERCS 2.0!

  2. Love the paint jobs! How do you get that "glowing" effect? I'll be painting my Waza and GCC figs soon and both have glowing parts per the 2.0 rulebook.

    1. For the green glow on my Keizai Waza:
      1) Basecoat the object you want to glow in white
      2) Mix the green to a roughly 50/50 consistency of paint/water
      3) Wash the object that you want to glow with your green/water mixture
      4) Highlight the object with layers of white, giving the high points the brightest glow

      Hope that helps!