Sunday, August 28, 2016

sefadu - Assembled Part 2

Another round of clean sculpts! There is flash on the models, but it is minimal, and on these models particularly, it was the thin type of flash that flaked off as soon as I looked at it sternly.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Heavy model yet... the tail, used to anchor the troop in place while firing the heavy weapon, looks a little awkward to me.

And the Shock Trooper, like the Berserker and his Twin Blades, is another sefadu model bringing a knife to a gun fight! Though his Ashanti Sword is significantly bigger than your average knife...

Medic / Demo / Shock Trooper / Heavy

Sync out.


  1. The Shock Trooper is a sweet sculpt, but I've never liked the Heavy. The tail is just too much, it doesn't seem to be able to stabilize well either.

    1. I agree... I want to like the model, I really do!
      I just looks... off.