Thursday, August 25, 2016

Assassination Protocol Reinforcements - Assembled Part 2

Continuing with assembly of my All Your MERCS Are Belong To Us, here are the final models from the factions in the MERCS: Recon Assassination Protocol box - KemVar and Keizai Waza!

So far the quality on these models is noticeably better than what I experienced with previous shipments, which has been a nice surprise!

Booster / Demo

Spotter / Forward Observer

Sync out.


  1. Great to see you back, Sync!

    So that's what other Waza model was (the Spotter). When I put him together I was scratching my head wondering if he really was the Spotter because he doesn't look like one, at least in comparison to the CCC and the EU Spotters.

    1. Thanks HuevoSplash!

      If you're confused about which model is which, maybe referencing my Sculpts posts can help: