Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photo Update

After my recent hiatus, I took a look through my blog, and found that I could no longer stand the 'quick & dirty' photos I took of my Keizai Waza and KemVar models.

Using the MERCS Recon: Assassination Protocol box for the background was a bad decision, because the orange of the Keizai Waza and the green of the KemVar look 'washed out' against the brown background colour.

So I took some new photos of my Keizai Waza models against a background that better shows their 'true colour' (the colour I see when holding the models in my hand), and thought I'd throw up them up on my blog for good measure.

Here's a comparison of the original photos versus the improved photos:

These are photos of the exact same model, but as you can see the orange looks totally different in each picture! So I'll try and post a new photo update each day, as I work through my GCC models.

Sync out.

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